I had known for a long time that I needed to lose weight. I had tried various fad diets in the past as well as slimming world and weight watchers but my heart was never really in any of them.

I made excuse after excuse convincing myself that I was happy and that it didn’t really matter … Then one day at work a colleague told me about Claire and about the hypnotic gastric band for weight loss..I had never heard of it and the idea appealed to me straight away.

I immediately sent a message to Claire and she told me all about it and said she could see me in less than a week, I took that appointment, which was between Christmas and new year 2013 and have genuinely not looked back since.

I have had 3 sessions so far and have lost nearly 3 stone and 3 dress sizes!!

I honestly never knew the love I could have for walking, it was something I always shyed away from as my back would hurt and my knees would hurt, now I walk everywhere with no pain at all…..I have even just adopted a rescue dog who I walk twice a day every day and I have regained my love for swimming which I lost when I was about 12 …. this is a massive life style change for me :)

Claire listened to the things that I told her and made the sessions she gave me completely individual to me so I could achieve what I wanted to achieve in a way I could do it without losing heart at any point.

Claire gave me a belief in myself that I truly didn’t think I had and nurtures my new found determination to finally reach my goal weight.

My confidence grows by the day as does my basket of clothes which are now far too big for me to wear :) can’t thank you enough Claire, you are a star :) xx

Donna  Martin. Telford. Testimonial Sent 23rd March 2014.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Telford