I have been a Yoyo dieter for many years. Loosing weight (sometimes up to four stone) and then gaining weight again once the novelty/willpower wears off.

I had heard about hypnotherapy to aid weight loss and thought I would look into it.

On my first meeting with Claire I sat down in a very relaxed and calming atmosphere and chatted about my weight loss, why I wanted to loose weight, any under lying problems I may have that usually stop me from succeeding and maintaining my goal and also what my ultimate goal was.

Claire sat and made notes so she could tailor my hypnotherapy so it was personal to myself.

Obviously I was apprehensive about being “put under” as it was a new experience for me. I explained to Claire that I did have worries (that probably sounded daft) that friends had asked me about, but she reassured me that hypnotherapy was safe and I would understand everything that was said to me.

During the actual hypnotherapy I felt extremely relaxed, almost to the point of not wanting to move, even when I was having a coughing fit!

I could hear everything Claire said to me and I took it all in. Its hard to explain in words how it makes you feel except for Fantastic.

When I “came out” I felt refreshed, energised and as daft as it sounds alot taller. I felt confident and knew this was going to work for me.

I have had 4 sessions with Claire and had a Hypnotic Gastric Band for weight loss fitted. This makes me believe my stomach is now the size of a golf ball. I drink alot more water and seem to make the right choices on menus when choosing what I eat.

I will continue to see Claire probably on a 2 monthly basis to have a “top up” as this will help me to amend any new problems I may be having.

I also feel as a full time worker and a mum that I deserve some “me time” and what better way. I started seeing Claire in October 2013 and up to date I have lost 44lbs.

From my experience I would recommend hypnotherapy to loose weight.

Helen Brothwood. Telford. Testimonial Sent on: 18 March, 2014


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