I was trained to be a Clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner by The Unity Principal, of which Claire McKeown is part of the training team. I found her to be an integral part of that training process. Her honest, straightforward approach was refreshing and inspirational.

Having spent a lot of time with Claire during that training process, and subsequent training sessions, I have found it incredibly easy to build up a very strong rapport with her. She is very approachable and applies a rational perspective to every therapy that she does. This makes it easy and comfortable for any client to understand the process and undertake it with calm confidence.

I have had hypnotherapy from Claire to help me overcome the underlying causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This was something that had virtually stopped my life as I knew it. I was unable to go into artificial lighting as it caused instant migraine, I felt totally exhausted all of the time, I was in extreme pain in my muscles and was plagued by constant headaches.

I am delighted to say that it was extremely effective and I now consider myself to be fully recovered from a severe illness that had put my life on hold for 2 years. I will be eternally grateful for her help in this recovery process.

Sarah Beasley . Walsall, West Midlands


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