What is Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural heightened focused state of concentration where you are able to open your mind to beneficial positive suggestions and where you can make use of your imagination to help make positive changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour within the mind, enabling irrational fears, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome.

Hypnotherapy is a totally safe and natural method of treatment and has no unpleasant side effects. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not being asleep. It is actually a very deep, focused state of relaxation this is known as a trance and is something that happens to each of us at least twice every single day.

In this trance like state, the subconscious mind is revealed allowing the therapist to suggest agreed ideas, concepts and lifestyle changes and by-pass the barriers that the conscious mind might have. By doing this it means that any suggestions are acted upon much more powerfully than is normally possible. These suggestions allow people to make positive and constructive changes within themselves.

Everyone experiences a state very similar to the hypnotic trance, maybe you can recall a time when you were so absorbed in thought or something that you failed to notice what was happening around you. In a hypnotherapy session you are always in absolute and total control. You cannot be made to do anything that is against your ethics or morals.

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like?

Hypnosis is a totally safe and a very pleasant and relaxing experience. You will be able to hear, think and feel and you will always be in control. In hypnosis you are typically more aware of what is going on around you because of an increased ability to focus. You may feel like you are so light and have a floating feeling or some say they feel like their limbs are heavy and they are unable to move.

Many people the first time they are hypnotised find it hard to believe that they were ever in hypnosis because it feels so relaxing. At the end of the session clients say they feel more motivated, full of energy, and alert.

Can Hypnotherapy really work for anyone?

All that is really required is the proper mental attitude and a strong desire to want change. This attitude and desire along with a willingness to cooperate and follow the instructions provided gives hypnotherapy a very high success rate. The focused deep state of concentration hypnosis brings will help you to listen to and act on the positive suggestions made, to achieve your goals.