Hypnotherapy Programmes and Services in Telford.

Have you already tried to make changes (decided you want to lose weight, apply for a new job etc.) and felt that maybe something is getting in your way? Well you could actually be right and believe it or not usually you are getting in your own way.

Consciously you might make a decision to do something or change in some way , but what you don’t realise is that the unconscious might be working against you, in fact, actually sabotaging your efforts, in the belief it is benefiting you or keeping you safe in some way.

Claire will work with you to help you understand the unconscious thought processes that are creating unwanted, negative behaviours, and help you to replace them with positive behaviours and allow you to make lasting change.

With the help of hypnotherapy you can access your unconscious mind and unlock your own individual solution to enable changes to take place easily, safely and naturally. Hypnotherapy allows you to take control, achieve success and be the best you can be.

With her professional, dynamic approach Claire is experienced in supporting individuals just like you to achieve real long term results, effectively and quickly. Allowing you to take control of your life, build your confidence and be the best you can be.

Claire will help you to overcome many negative conditions, including:

  • Negative and obsessive thoughts
  • Low self Esteem – Claire will work closely with you to identify how and why you feel this way and empower you to make the changes you desire.
  • Lack of Confidence- From day one Claire will identify ways to improve you confidence and empower you to use this confidence to make the changes you need to achieve success.