Hypnotherapy can help sufferers of stress and anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or stress this can be helped with hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety and /or stress at some time during their life. For example, you may feel worried or anxious about a job interview, a hospital appointment, a break up, finances or even moving house.

Feelings of stress and anxiety are perfectly natural during certain stressful situations. However, if feelings of stress or anxiety become overwhelming and your life begins to suffer in some way or it stops you doing things or going places then hypnotherapy can help you.

NHS Direct estimate that approximately 1 in 50 people will suffer with generalised anxiety disorder at some point during their lifetime.

The NHS identifies many symptoms of anxiety i.e:

• Feeling ‘on edge’

• Restlessness

• Sense of dread

• Difficulty concentrating

• Irritability

• Impatience

• Being easily distracted

• Dizziness

• Lethargy

• Pins and needles

• Irregular heart beat (palpitations)

• Muscle aches

• Dry mouth

• Excessive sweating

• Shortness of breath

• Stomach ache

• Headache

• Diarrhoea

• Excessive thirst

• Frequent urination

• Difficulty in falling, or staying, asleep

Some people experience ‘panic attacks’ which can be very overwhelming and frightening. Hypnotherapy can help alleviate many of the symptoms of anxiety.

Each session will be personalised to your specific needs. This may include:

• Increasing your self- belief and self- esteem

• Giving you back control

• Increasing your ability to relax and enjoy your life.

• Increasing your confidence levels to allow you to feel good.

• Letting go of old behaviours and habits

Clients normally attend four to six sessions (this could be different dependant on client needs). Each individual session lasts for approximately about one hour.

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