Do you struggle with your confidence?

Is your lack of confidence holding you back from achieving success, making decisions or moving forward with your life?

Don’t worry you’re not alone; thousands of people suffer from a lack of confidence or have low self-esteem at some point in their lives. Usually it only lasts for a short time, however occasionally it can become quite serious for some people and affect many parts of your life.

When your self-esteem and confidence is low you can feel unworthy and incompetent. You are likely to be really hard on yourself all of the time; you might even struggle to recognise your many good qualities. You are likely to constantly think about all of the mistakes you have made and will have difficulty recognising the many positive things you have done.

This can be extremely debilitating and even stop you moving forward in your life, it can also hinder your ability to socialise and make friends. This can mean you become isolated and introverted

Claire has already worked with many individuals for a variety of reasons to help them achieve success and feel confident with their life.

Hypnotherapy combined with motivational coaching and NLP can help it will enable you to take control of your life, increase your belief in yourself and improve your self-confidence. Your confidence and self-esteem is directly related to the beliefs that you have about yourself. Beliefs are often passed down to us from others, i.e. friends, family, teachers and sometimes even the media.

Lack of confidence may be linked to past messages that others in our lives have given us i.e. you’re clumsy, you’re stupid, you can’t do that etc. This is what is known as learnt behaviour and with the help of a hypnotherapist you can be helped to unlearn this behaviour.

We are all different and sometimes even people who seem extremely confident perhaps at work, may be lacking in confidence in other areas of their life, perhaps in their personal relationships.

Hypnotherapy can help you with one off situations i.e. job interviews, presentations, exams etc. and also with general lack of confidence and self-esteem.


Each session will be personalised to your specific needs. This may include:

Reducing any anxiety allowing you the ability to relax and enjoy your life.

● Increasing your confidence levels to allow you to feel good, and achieve your goals.

● Increasing your self- belief and self- esteem.

Letting go of old behaviours and habits

Improving your motivation and willpower

Clients normally attend two to four sessions (this could be different dependant on client needs). Each individual session lasts for approximately about one hour.

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You can be assured that all appointments and information will be handled in the strictest of confidence and any details given will never be passed /sent to a third party.