Cure your Insomnia with hypnotherapy

Do you suffer from insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder?

A good’s night sleep is essential for everyone to enable our bodies to recuperate. Without a good night’s sleep you will struggle to function and focus throughout the day.

Hypnotherapy improves sleep quickly, effectively and naturally.

Most people at some point in their lives suffer from insomnia or from some other form of sleep disorder. This can range from difficulty getting to sleep, or waking several times during the night, and being unable to get back to sleep, or sleeping for only a few hours at a time.

Sometimes this can be at times of great stress and anxiety or when you are under pressure maybe at home or work. Unfortunately people worry so much about not sleeping that this then creates a pattern of behaviour that can continue for weeks, months and even years in some cases.

Falling asleep should be the most natural thing in the world – but when you’ve had problems sleeping, you tend to concentrate too hard on getting to sleep which just makes it more difficult.

Hypnotherapy will help you to relax quickly and easily, teach you how to switch off from any external influences and allow you to fall asleep naturally.

You will find that sleep will come naturally and easily to you and best of all you will have no unpleasant side effects that can be found with some over the counter or prescribed medication.

Each session will be personalised to your specific needs.

This may include:

• Reducing any anxiety allowing you the ability to relax easily.

• Exploring current situation and what might be influencing your ability to sleep.

• Letting go of old behaviours and habits

Clients normally attend two to six sessions (this could be different dependant on client needs). Each individual session lasts for approximately about one hour.

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You can be assured that all appointments and information will be handled in the strictest of confidence and any details given will never be passed /sent to a third party.